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Have you ever wanted to learn from your favorite YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok welders? For the first time ever, WeldCoach has partnered with the biggest names in the fabrication community to make that a reality. Not only do these classes include everything your standard WeldCoach classes do, but they also offer unique classes with more material options and of course your favorite guest coach. Click on the class below to get started.

Courses With Justin Merrill
Justin Merrill

Welding is life - and I love it!

Hey Everyone! I'm Justin, creator of The Fabrication Series, and I absolutely love to teach welding. I originally got into the Fabrication and Welding industry over 20 years ago with the goal to build the sickest cars and parts on the planet. 

After a life altering disability while serving in the US Navy, I jumped on to YouTube in 2015 to share some tips and techniques on becoming a Welder/Fabricator. 

With the demand for short form welding training growing, I opened up welding classes at my shop in Las Vegas, NV in 2017. Having realized in 2019 that the demand for this format was growing rapidly, and understanding that not everyone can come to my shop easily, I started creating what is now Weld Coach.

I'm proud to bring my short format training style directly to you in your own home, and on your time. Let's weld!

Courses With Alex Jordan
Alex Jordan

Welding Gives YOU The Freedom To Execute Your Creativity


Hi there my name is Alex Jordan

I am a experienced welder fabricator of a little over 13 years. At my day job I design fabricate and weld a large assortment of things for the entertainment industry. Ranging from large animatronic structures to the lightweight props and puppets wielded by performers in anything from theme parks to theater.
And on nights and weekends you can find me out in my own shop. Building custom performance Motorsports parts, taking on the odd repair jobs, or recording fabrication content for my YouTube channel.
Welding gives you the freedom to execute your creativity. So pick up that torch and Go Build Something!!.