Intermediate Steel MIG Plus (120 Minutes)


Course Expectations

You and your Coach will start with what you know, and what you want to learn. You can pick up where you left off from a previous class, focus on a specific joint, or start on something new. The goal is to get you going in the direction you want to go in with different welding drills, joints, or positions. If you want the most time to learn – 2 hours is the best!

Included With This Course

  • (40) 1/8" Steel Welding Coupons

You Must Provide

  • MIG welding machine capable of at least 100Amps 
  • Sufficient supply of C25 (75% Argon, 25% CO2) gas or 100% CO2 (at least 800 PSI or more in the tank)
  • Welding hood, MIG Gloves & Proper PPE
  • Surface in which to weld upon (welding table, work bench with metal top, etc.)
  • Any device with a camera and microphone (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc)
  • Stable internet connection

Technology Requirements

In addition to the requirements below, you will also need a stable internet connection, with bandwidth suitable for video conferencing and no other streaming devices or services (Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Video Games, etc) active on the network.

  • Chrome for Android version 97 or newer OR
  • Firefox for Android version 95 or newer OR
  • Samsung Internet for Android version 4 or newer
  • Safari for iOS version 11 or newer

Step 1: Select A Coach

If you have a preffered coach click on their card below, otherwise choose No Preference. This option gives the most flexibility when scheduling.

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Scott Carter

Scott Carter

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Alex Jordan

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Matthew Cooper

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Step 3: Tell Us About Yourself

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Step 4: Optional Materials

WeldCoach includes all of the practice materials needed for your upcoming class, however the items below are also recommended for this class. If you would like them shipped with your practice materials, you can select them below, otherwise you will need to obtain them prior to your class.

There are no optional materials offered for this class.

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