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Justin Merrill - The Fabricator

“You can watch all the videos you want… But what happens when you have a question? Now you have to wait and hope you get the answer in the next video. Weld Coach solves that problem by giving you the one thing that is missing from training videos – feedback.”

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Justin Merrill Justin Merrill @the.fabricator

Hey Everyone! I'm Justin, creator of The Fabrication Series, and I absolutely love to teach welding. I originally got in...

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Scott Carter Scott Carter @fabsyndicate_lv

 I have been doing some sort of welding and fabrication for over 20 years, whether it was actually building th...

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Alex Jordan Alex Jordan

  Hi there my name is Alex Jordan I am a experienced welder fabricator of a little over 13 years. At my day job...

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Matthew Cooper Matthew Cooper

From sheet metal to roll cages. Building drift vehicals from the ground up. After active duty I studied automotive high...

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