Aluminum Classes

Learn to weld aluminum with AC TIG in these classes. Our coaches will have you stacking dimes in no time.

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Steel Classes

It doesn't matter if you want to learn Mild/4130 or MIG/TIG, these classes have everything you need to learn steel.

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Stainless Steel Classes

Stainless isn't just for rainbows and social media. If you want to learn to weld staino, these classes are for you.

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The Highest Standard Of Welding Taught By Professionals

Justin Merrill - The Fabricator

“You can watch all the videos you want… But what happens when you have a question? Now you have to wait and hope you get the answer in the next video. Weld Coach solves that problem by giving you the one thing that is missing from training videos – feedback.”

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Who We Are

More About Weld Coach

Weld Coach only requires a camera, a microphone, and an internet connection to bring a live Weld Coach instructor to wherever you are.

Our exclusive platform provides HD video with impeccable detail allowing you to see exactly what the weld pool is doing as your coach teaches in real time. Unlike video conferncing apps that are designed for large groups of people, Weld Coach was engineered to be 1 on 1 which translates to higher quality video and secure classes.

We also include materials! The moment your class is booked we ship any metal or materials required directly to your location so you have everything needed for your upcoming class.


Weld Coach works on ANY device with a camera, microphone, and internet connection; Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, android, iphone, ipad, ANYTHING!

  • Metal Is Provided
  • Learn On Your Time
  • Learn At Your Pace
  • Instant Reconnection
  • No Software or Apps to Install
  • Crystal Clear Audio & Video

Our Coaches

Meet Your Instructor

Quality training starts with the right instructors, instructors who have the knowledge and the capability to guide you properly are the core of every successful learning experience. Our instructors have undergone rigorous assessments and training to ensure that they have the right skills and expertise to deliver results.

It's WeldCoach!

Your Personal Welding Instructor, Anywhere.

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